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Young Adult: Rikki Liz

Maybe you want to see some comics and stuff? Good, I show you some stuff now.
Mar 30 '12

No comics for a few days!

Bare with, yea?

Mar 29 '12

When Should I Stop Using the Word “Crush” Anyways?

It’s a little school-girly of me, but it was just to get me calmed before I saw them… and then. 

Hopefully I get the full story finished soon—it’s much longer than any of these.

Mar 28 '12

College Girl’s Plight

My teenage rage just came a little late, okay?

Mar 26 '12

All Day, Every Day

Roommate: “Awh, what happened?”

Me: “…Nothing.  This is just everyday ever…”

Mar 25 '12

The Most Awkward Part of my Day

Mar 24 '12

To a Friend

Honestly.  Honestly.

Mar 23 '12

Morning Bus from the Parking Lot

I am limping terribly and I can still get into the bus and onto a seat faster then you horrible, horrible people.

Feb 21 '12

My roommate is fantastic and has a bear tent.  And her boyfriend is one of my best friends, The Magical Unicorn Pegasus.

Feb 6 '12

Part three on how I deal with stress. The fact that I sleep in this tent on top of my bed every night should tell you how stressed I really am.  …And yes, that is my face in there, behind the mesh.

Feb 4 '12

Another on how I deal with school stress.  We spent our grocery money on this, my roommate and I.  No regret.  We have a tiny trampoline.  And seriously, no one else is allowed on it.  Or maybe we’ll sell the privilege.